Hail-O The Modular Truss Hail Canopy System

Introducing Hail-O the newest member of WeatherSolve’s premium hail protection family.

The Hail-O system is designed for ease of installation, adaptability to any site, and to be extremely economical. Of course, it is also designed and tested to withstand hailstones up to 4 inches in diameter just like the other WSS hail protection systems.

How much is peace of mind worth to you for the next hail season? At under 2000k* per vehicle protected it will pay for itself in just one storm! 

WeatherSolve Structures Hail-O system has the ability to grow with your business.  There are 3 module sizes that are designed to link together to best suit your parking configurations and be as big or as little as you need.  They are also easily relocated when your requirements grow or lots need to be reconfigured

Benefits of the Hail-O Hail Canopy System

  • Peace of mind hail protection in 24′ wide and 48′ wide
    double rows
  • Rugged modular truss design
  • Extensively strength tested fire-rated premium hail
    protection fabric
  • Floating foundations that can sit above most
    underground utilities
  • 18ft, 27ft & 36ft modules readily adapt to your
    parking configurations

Features of the Hail-O Hail Canopy

  • Truss is suited for attaching signage, lighting, solar arrays, and more
  • Simplified, fast, and efficient installation with forklift and hand tools
  • Easily relocated as your requirements grow
  • Slender poles to optimize parking spaces
  • Minimal order lead time
  • Optional windward side screens for increased protection
    Choose your colour

Hail Protection Suited for your Business

WeatherSolve Structures has an array of solutions to better serve your specific needs.  To find out more about our products and which would best suit your fleet give us a call, a representative will be pleased to talk it over with you and create a drawing to show how it would fit on your lot – all at no charge.

Hail season in Denver and much of southern hail alley is only (counter) days away and northern hail alley locations like Calgary are only 50 or so days later. Call Us now to place your next order!


For some people, that is enough information so please jump to the contact button and you’re done.

For others who wish to investigate in more detail and get familiar with the technology, please explore. WeatherSolve is proud to be the world leader in suspended fabric structures. No other company has the breadth of locations, the range of environments, or the variety of tested solutions.

This website lays out some of the many options and features as decisions you can participate in, or that we can make on your behalf.

At every point, we have scientific references, results of our in-house testing, and experts on hand to discuss details or help explore ideas. If we don’t know we’ll find the answer for you!



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