There are 3 Main Considerations for Hail Canopy Layouts

When considering hail Protection for your auto dealership you should also consider the layout of the hail canopy as this plays an important role in protecting your vehicles in your auto dealership lot. See the 3 main considerations:

1. Coverage
2. Loss of useable area
3. Obstructions

With Weathersolve Structures hail canopy systems, the bulk of the cost is on the perimeter where the cables and fabric are secured.

For example, consider the following 3 situations. They are all similar in price.

Hail Canopy Situation 1:

Area covered – 80 cars + 30-40 spare space
Poles – 23
Poles in driver backing zone – 0

The first is a WeatherSolve hail canopy covering a complete block. Note there are only 3 poles inside the cover.
Note also that an extra 30 or 40 cars from elsewhere on the lot (or another lot) can be temporarily parked in the two drive lanes if a storm is coming.


Hail Canopy Situation 2:

Area covered – 870 cars + 0 spare space
Poles – 32
Poles in driver backing zone – 12

In this example, the same lot is also covered with a WeatherSolve system, but in-row covers only. For
much the same money less coverage is provided.



Protection Against Hail Damage

Worse – in a windy hail storm at least half the cars would have some exposure to blown hail [link to blowing hail page] so we would suggest pairing this with a WeatherSolve wind fence to intercept the hail on the most exposed sides as shown by the green dotted line. The structure is strong enough to support the fence with no risk.

The fence is sufficient to protect the perimeter areas, but the internal parts as shown by the red shading will still be exposed for a storm coming from the upper right side.



Hail Canopy Situation 3:

Area covered – 80 cars + 0 spare space
Poles – 42
Poles in driver backing zone – 16

In this final example, the lot is covered with individual tent-style covers. The span between posts is now only enough to fit 4 cars so half the cars are now close to a pole.




Vehicle Hail Protection 

Again, in a windy hail storm from the upper right, many cars are potentially exposed. Unfortunately, most tent-style covers are insufficiently strong to support and wind fence protection.






For some people, that is enough information so please jump to the contact button and you’re done.

For others who wish to investigate in more detail and get familiar with the technology, please explore. WeatherSolve is proud to be the world leader in suspended fabric structures. No other company has the breadth of locations, the range of environments, or the variety of tested solutions.

This website lays out some of the many options and features as decisions you can participate in, or that we can make on your behalf.

At every point, we have scientific references, results of our in-house testing, and experts on hand to discuss details or help explore ideas. If we don’t know we’ll find the answer for you!



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