Worried about hail?  Are you a car dealer who spends all summer checking the weather forecast? More time worrying about hailstorms than selling cars?

Then perhaps you are looking for reliable hail protection that is a visually low profile and economical too.  Something that the sun still shines through, that is neat and clean, and that doesn’t detract from your corporate showroom.

The WeatherSolve team based in Langley BC and operating around the world, has developed a unique collection of retractable and permanent hail canopies specifically tailored for car dealers.

Our systems are custom designed to match your situation. This means you get a solution that:

  • Fits your location so your site can continue working the way you designed it.
  • Matches your environment (ice, snow, wind, corrosiveness etc) so that it is ready for all weathers
  • Is optimized for maximum control at a reasonable cost.

WeatherSolve can do this because of our unique collection of knowledge, innovative ideas, extensive testing, and world-wide real-life experience accumulated over 40 years, 7 continents, and many acres of hail canopies.

To put us to work on your hail problem simply contact us through the link below. In most cases all we need to get started is a site location and some description about the parts of your yard that are priorities.


  • There is millions of dollars in hail damage yearly
  • Takes months to get insurance money and it still may not cover all the associated costs
  • Helps keep insurance rates more manageable
  • Lets you sleep at night knowing you’re covered


Sales Engineer Taylor Gallivan talking about retractable hail canopy system in Northern Calgary. this system works well with climates that get a lot of snow accumulation.


WeatherSolve Structures retractable hail canopy system has been specifically designed and tested for snow-prone Hail Alley conditions.

  • Tested to withstand over 4” diameter hailstones
  • Designed to handle 120 mph winds
  • Extend the canopy in April, retract it in September… both at the push of a button.

Hail-O Modular Truss Hail Canopy System

The newest from the WeatherSolve Structures family is the Hail-O modular truss hail canopy system. This system is set up so that piece together coverage as small as 18’ by 24’ (or two parking stalls) to as long as you require. Hail-O can be dismantled and relocated if needed. The system is manufactured so onsite installation is quick and requires only a forklift and minimal tools. For more information, please READ MORE.


WeatherSolve Structures is always striving for bigger and better. We are constantly striving to have the most effective products for our customers.

WeatherSolve Structures drops 9,000 golf balls out of a helicopter to test their hail canopy.

WeatherSolve Structures’ hail canopies are recognized as approved hail protection products by LL Renaissance Insurance Brokerage, a leading insurance provider to auto dealerships in Canada.  Based on this approved status, all Canadian dealerships with a WeatherSolve hail canopy are eligible for discounts on their insurance premiums, representing annual savings of up to 50% or more, when purchased through LL Renaissance.ll renaissance



For some people, that is enough information so please jump to the contact button and you’re done.

For others who wish to investigate in more detail and get familiar with the technology, please explore. WeatherSolve is proud to be the world leader in suspended fabric structures. No other company has the breadth of locations, the range of environments, or the variety of tested solutions.

This website lays out some of the many options and features as decisions you can participate in, or that we can make on your behalf.

At every point, we have scientific references, results of our in-house testing, and experts on hand to discuss details or help explore ideas. If we don’t know we’ll find the answer for you!