Do you make wind breaks that go around solar panels?

WeatherSolve does make wind break fences that go around solar panels.  Unfortunately solar panels don’t seem to stand up to well in wind storms, so having a wind breaking system in place will end up saving you money.   The wind break fences material even allows a portion of the light through to charge them.

Will wires or poles impede workers?

We work with your needs.  We also work with minimal guy wires and poles to not impede with workers.

Can I make a moving gate?

WeatherSolve can make moving gate or retractable screens however there not to move in ever day situations there more suited to move may be once a month, depending on the size and terrain.

Do you ship to________?

WeatherSolve can ship anywhere in the world and has agents in many different counties to help you.

Can we install it ourselves?

You can install it yourself we have people that will come out and train you throughout the process.

Who supplies the poles?

WeatherSolve can supply the pole but we can also work with existing ones. If there is a supplier in your area we can work with them as well.

How much does it cost?

All of our windbreaks are custom built for each of our customers depending on what their individual needs are. The costs can vary quite a bit depending on the dimensions of the windbreak and materials used.

What is the benefit of the fence?

There are a few benefits of having a windbreak.  The first one is probably the most obvious one in being to slow down the wind to stop the dust from blowing everywhere and with this there will be less of a wind chill.  The second being is that the environment gets protected.  The third one is that the product on the pile is valuable and is blowing away.  The fourth is security, a visual barrier. The fifth is it will protect structures from storms.  It can also help with making plants and trees grow and reduce evaporation.

Why should we buy this?

There are several reasons to buy a windbreak.  To slow down the wind erosion on the stock pile.  To save money, the dust blowing away is valuable. To protect the environment from the possibly harmful dust.  To protect the neighbors or surrounding areas from the dust.  To avoid fines and penalties from governing laws.

How does it work?

The fence works in two ways.  The first being an up wind component slowing down the wind to the stock pile so it doesn’t cause dust issues and erosion on the stock pile.  The second being a downwind component which keeps the dust from leaving the stock pile.

What is the best height for the fence and why?

All of WeatherSolve Structures windbreaks are custom designs for the customer’s individual needs.  The height would depend on what the customer’s needs are.  But as a general rule the fence would need to at least as high as the stock pile that it needs to protect.

How long will it last?

The windbreak will last for a long time.  There can be a small amount of maintenance required from time to time after bad storms but the structure will last as long as it’s being maintained properly.  The fabric life can depend on the amount of UV that the fence is subjected to.  A typical fence fabric will last 10 years but the fence it’s self will last much longer.

Is there a danger from breaking cables?

The cables that WeatherSolve uses are up to the highest standards and are capable of handling larger loads than they are used for. People ask about the danger of breaking cables, but actually the danger is minimal. The fence has an overload releases system. It is designed to release the lower edges of the fabric panels before cables or poles break. The top edge has a much stronger attachment system and remains in place. This keeps the fabric attached to the structure even in hurricane force winds when other debris is blowing around that might puncture or overload the fence. The cables are securely shackled to at least one piece of fabric (via the top edge of the fabric which does not break loose) so the cable is not free to flap around. In addition the cables are firmly clamped at each pole so the longest piece of potentially loose cable is the pole spacing.

Can the fabric be replaced?

The fabric can be easily replaced from time to time if required.

How have you tested the parts?

The parts undergo regular testing on fatigue, impact loads, and static loads in our facility at head office as well as being sent out to testing facilities.

What colours can we have?

There are a few different colors of fabric that you can have however the color can depend on what type of fence you require. Meaning UVB protection or fire retardant.  There are black or green fabrics.  Made to order options vary for very large jobs.

Can we advertise on the fabric have a company logo etc?

Because all of our windbreaks are custom it is possible to have the wind break painted with a company logo.

What is the strongest wind area you have fitted this system?

The strongest winds that one of our windbreaks has stood up to was in Florida in 1992 with hurricane Andrew 200 miles an hour.  WeatherSolve’s windbreaks have been through several hurricane winds.

From order how long before solution is in place?

Each one of WeatherSolve’s windbreaks is a custom design and there is a great deal of information gathered and engineering to be figured out but it all can be done in a relatively short period of time.  For a 1km fence length, 2 months for design, 2 months for the supplies and 3 months to install approximately.

How do you maintain the fencing?

The maintenance for the fence is quite easy.  If you have a large wind storm and some of the clips release you just simply replace the clips and re-clip the fabric.

Do you have a annual after sales inspection of the cables, posts and clips?

There are a few points that there are inspections on the fence.  At the end there will be a person to come and take a look at the fence to make sure that the installation has gone perfectly.  They come and inspect the poles, fabric, clips, cables and the rest of the components to make sure that the installation has been done properly and to say that the fence is finished correctly.

Where have you fitted fences and with which companies?

We have fences all around the world and in different terrains.  However we like to protect the privacy of our clients and respect their needs so we don’t give out company names.

Can this be used in all areas of the world?

WeatherSolve Structures has fences in many parts of the world including Bahrain, Oman, Brazil, Canada, USA, Europe, and Parts of Asia.  We have different fabric to suit the weathering needs for every type of weather.

Do we need to clean the fabric?

You don’t need to clean the fabric the wind will do that for you.  WeatherSolve wind fences are made using a woven polypropylene or polyethylene filament depending on the situation.  Both of these materials are fairly resistant to build-up of foreign material although over time and with some types of dust a slight build-up is inevitable.  When the fences are designed this build-up is factored into the design loads so your fence will not overload due to dust build-up on the fabric.  Also worth noting is that over the course of performing its duty in the wind your windfence will consistently shed the dust built up the same way as a doormat being shaken.  This is considered to be sufficient cleaning for continued optimal performance of your windfence (it could also be noted that a dusty fence tends to be better at stopping more dust).

Sometimes though it is desirable for aesthetic reasons to clean your windfence, if this is the case please follow these steps:
-Cleaning should be done from a manlift, scissor lift or suitable safe lifting platform.
-Use a pressure washer with a wide spray nozzle (40 degrees or more)
-Keep the end of the wand far enough from the fabric that the threads are not opening or moving drastically.
-Ideal angle of the wand is down at 20 degrees.
-Do not use hot water.

For some more information about which fabric is right for you.

What sort of steel do you use?

At WeatherSolve we build customized windbreaks to suit the customer’s individual needs.  We have used many types of steel depending on what the customer’s needs are.

How deep are the foundations?

At WeatherSolve Structures we customize our windbreaks for the individual customer needs.  So it would depend on what the fence was required to do.

How have you tested the clips?

We have designed a machine that we test the clips on, this is at our head office and we have sent it to other testing facilities.

Do you supply just fabric?

WeatherSolve supplies wind break fences and cladding systems we design suited to your needs.

Does the wind break stand up to UV rays?

WeatherSolve wind breaks do stand up to UV rays.  We have wind breaks in such countries at Oman and Bahrain which both have sweltering hot weather.

Will the wind break stand up to cold countries? Will it stand up to snow?

WeatherSolve has wind breaks in cold areas as well such as Thompson creek and Williams Lake.  We get the best quality of fabrics so that we can be sure that it will suit all weather conditions.

Can I have a wind break that is just seasonal?

WeatherSolve can make retractable screens to fit personal needs, or removable systems but there not for an everyday move.

Do you make wind breaks for home gardens?

The wind breaks and cladding systems that WeatherSolve usually designs, are for industrial sizes.  We have done some systems for farming/ agricultural needs however not for a home.