WeatherSolve has the perfect solution for you.


Are you looking for a permanent solution to dust problems? Something that you can rely on – day in and day out no matter the weather?

WeatherSolve Structures Inc. are specialist designers and manufacturers of completely customizable dust control solutions for industrial, construction, specialist, and broad use. Stand up to the environment using our specialized fabrics to combat airborne and eroded dust.


Our dust barriers have been installed all over the world, including Antarctica! Our dust control systems are custom designed to match your situation. This means you get a solution that is:

  • Custom-Built for Your Location – Your site can continue working the way you designed it.
  • Durable: Dust barriers meant to withstand harsh climate conditions, so it doesn’t matter if the weather flips.
  • Affordable: Custom dust control nets are optimized for maximum control without breaking the bank.
  • Effective: Cutting-edge research determines optimum aerodynamics and creates structures to provide additional functionalities like such as security, shade or visualbarriers as needed while still controlling dust.
  • A One-Stop: Need more than a dust barrier? WeatherSolve works with leading manufacturers of foggingsystems to create composite dust control solutions.


WeatherSolve has a unique collection of knowledge, innovative ideas, extensive testing, and world-wide real-life experience accumulated over 40 years and hundreds of dust control wind fences.

No other company has the breadth of locations, the range of environments, or the variety of tested solutions. As the world leader in dust control solutions, wehave optimized systems for everything from hurricane strength fences 30m high to temporary fences a few feet high.

The WeatherSolve team comprises a head office in Langley BC, over a dozen agents around the world, and a select number of associated specialist companies that can assist with design, provision of unique materials, and installation as needed.

To put us to work on your dust problem, simply get in touch and we’re happy to help. In many cases all we need to get started is a site location, the type of dust, and the height of the main dust sources.


Getting the ideal dust solutions for your industry is simply a matter of getting in touch with our specialists. However, if you wish to investigate dust barriers in more detail and get familiar with the technology, please explore our resources.

This website lays out some of the many options and features as decisions you can participate in, or that we can make on your behalf.

At every point, we have scientific references, results of our in-house testing, and experts on hand to discuss details or help explore ideas. If we don’t know we’ll find the answer for you!


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