Secure Reliable Shade from the Heat for Your Livestock, Plants, and People 

Not everyone enjoys a sunny day. 

2022 will go down as one of the hottest years on record and will be remembered for the devastating heat that occurred around the world. From India to London, England, the weather left many people struggling to endure.  

It was a grim reminder for us in British Columbia, Canada. In the summer of 2021, our province reached an unfathomable 49.6 °C / 121.28 °F. 

Summers are getting hotter and more unpredictable everywhere. 

Extreme Heat Isn’t Just Disruptive; It’s Deadly! 

And that’s bad news for people in the agricultural sector. Heat waves aren’t just uncomfortable for workers; extreme temperatures over extended periods also threaten plant growth and livestock. 

Although there are no easy solutions for stopping rising temperatures immediately, there are products that can reduce its harmful effects. When the temperatures rise to dangerous levels, your best defence is the simplest solution: Add some shade! 

Unique Shade Products for a Growing Concern 

As the leading designer of environment control structures and netting, WeatherSolve Structures in Langley, BC, helps people around the world defend their property against damaging dust, wind, hail, and extreme heat.

Whether you need protection against storms, birds, bird droppings or flying golf balls, our team can help. 

When it comes to dealing with heat waves, we provide a variety of options. 

Shade Canopies for Growth Optimization 

As a farmer, you don’t just want to protect your crops; you want to help them flourish!

At WeatherSolve Structures, we provide canopies that reduce the negative effect of heat and the sun’s UV rays. Intense direct sunlight and heat can damage all types of plants, affecting your yield.

What’s nice about ordering from WeatherSolve Structures is that you have products that adapt to the specific conditions of your land throughout the seasons. 

The same product that provides shade in the summer can be modified to help retain heat during the winter months. The colour and transparency of the fabric selected will determine the amount of shade it provides and its capacity to affect temperature. 

Get in touch with us today to find out which fabric and rigging system is most suitable for your purposes. We can discuss the options that will provide the correct amount of shade coverage and ventilation.  

When it comes to rigging for shading purposes, you have plenty of options.  

Seasonally Removable Canopies

This style of protective coverage is manually unclipped for use and then tied back when not required. 

Swivel Retractable Canopies

This system makes opening the canopy more efficient as the fabric is permanently attached to carry cables. In addition to offering protection against heat waves, it is sturdy enough to withstand the strongest wind gusts and can defend your property against hail.

Whether you choose an Accordion Retractable Canopy style or a Shade House, our team can talk you through the advantages of each. 

Don’t rely on “temporary structures” of iffy quality. Your livelihood is too important to risk! You owe it to yourself to speak with the experts for a dependable, worry-free solution. 

And Don’t Forget about the Animals!

Providing the best growing conditions is essential, but so is the welfare of your animals. A bit of well-placed shade can make all the difference for your livestock.


Beef cattle are less prone to heat stress than dairy cattle (who don’t do well in temperatures above 22°C / 72°F). Remember, their bodies heat up as they feed. If a heatwave doesn’t permit their bodies to cool down properly at night, you’ll want to ensure they have a place to get out of the sun during the day.  


Pigs don’t sweat, which makes them more susceptible to the threat of extended hot weather. If kept outside, they will require a cooler spot to settle. Pigs need shade, and plenty of it.


Chickens and roosters don’t fare well in super-hot weather. If they spend time outdoors, it’s important to have plenty of shady areas so they don’t all gather in one spot. Turkeys love to be outdoors; however, they don’t do well in excessive heat. Shade helps.

Who Else Benefits from Extra Shade Using a Canopy System

Crops and livestock are important, but ultimately, WeatherSolve is about making life better for people! Not only is shade a potential lifesaver during extreme heat waves, but it is also a nice feature to have during your more typical summer days. 

Sports Fields
We’ve equipped athletic facilities worldwide with netting to protect spectators and prevent disruptions. A shade canopy keeps athletes and fans happy during the sunniest weather.

Vehicle Dealerships
Constant exposure to UV rays and extreme heat isn’t good for the finish of your product. Protect your investment with a system that ensures your cars, trucks, boats, and RVs maintain their showroom appearance! 

Garden Centres
Wilted, dried-out plants don’t sell very well. And customers aren’t going to spend time browsing if they’re being blasted by the sun. We have cost-effective solutions to make your space more favourable to your products and people. 

Outdoor Retailers
If you store any inventory outdoors, it pays to keep it safe. If you expect your staff to sell outside all day, you’ll require a shady spot to keep everyone happy and productive.

Outdoor Festivals
Outdoor concerts, carnivals, and food truck events are popular attractions throughout the summer. Organizers looking for cost-effective ways to protect their guests (and their reputation) need to plan for the hottest days. Shade canopies help prevent heat stroke! Whether the main attraction is food, music, or mechanical rides, your vendors and attendees will all love having a covered place to relax between activities. WeatherSolve provides robust temporary (or permanent) solutions for all. 

Custom Solutions  

WeatherSolve Structures has been assisting customers around the globe for years (after amalgamating two companies and incorporating in 2006). 

We’re happy to modify our existing products or develop new custom solutions to meet your needs. We have the materials, designers, and engineering know-how to create the ideal setup for your location. 

Our products prevent losses, sustain comfort, and keep you profitable. Shade canopies, hail protection systems, cladding, toppers, we can do it all! WE ARE YOUR CUSTOM SOLUTION BUSINESS. 

The weather may be unpredictable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared.  

Call or send us a message to start the conversation.