How worried do you need to be about ice damage during the warmest months? 

If you live in hail-prone areas and you own an auto dealership… you should be concerned. 

Simply put, hail is a catastrophic occurrence for any auto dealership. It’s no exaggeration to say that an entire lot of inventory can be wiped out in minutes. 

And according to scientists, global conditions are bound to make hail bigger in size in the coming years.


A Persistent Icy Menace

Unfortunately, hailstorms can occur during the warmest weather months. This  makes them frustratingly difficult to predict. 

What is known is that hailstorms are sudden, severe, and devastating for anything caught in their path (the hail swath). 

Sometimes the damage is slight and strictly cosmetic. However, cracked glass, damaged sensors, and smashed windshields are not uncommon. If you consider the fact that a single baseball-sized chunk of hail hits with the same energy as a falling piano, it’s easy to see how destructive a 15-minute storm can be.

Even if you have insurance, dealing with the fallout of a hailstorm is a major financial hardship. 

This is just one of the reasons why the installation of a hail canopy from WeatherSolve is such a wise investment. 

Weather Is Changing

The subject of global warming continues to dominate political discussions around the world. And it’s easy to see why. 

You don’t have to be a climate scientist to have noticed how unusual the weather has been in recent years. 

Unfortunately, if you live in an area that’s susceptible to hail, evidence suggests that hail storms are likely to increase in their intensity.

It’s scary to think that giant hailstones may become more common in the years ahead. 

If you listen to the experts, the forecast isn’t great. So, how do you possibly defend your property against a potential worst-case scenario?

Contacting WeatherSolve in Langley, BC, Canada is a good place to start. 

Hail Canopies Provide Protection and Peace of Mind

Imagine having a protective shield to defend your inventory against falling objects? WeatherSolve products are designed to offer maximum protection without compromising the appearance or function of your property.

WeatherSolve Hail Canopies Are Designed to Meet Your Business’s Needs  

  • Built to withstand falling objects up to 4” in diameter (that’s baseball-sized hail)
  • Retractable fixed systems or modular options available
  • The protective fabric blocks damaging UV rays
  • Transparent netting allows the sunlight in, showcasing your vehicles in the best light
  • Customizable to match the configuration of your property and the height of your vehicles (boats, RVs, etc.) 
  • WeatherSolve structures take up a minimal amount of space, you won’t lose parking stalls!
  • Enjoy predictable defence that won’t blow away
  • Side shield protection available for additional peace of mind when the wind picks up
  • Instills customer confidence knowing your business is taking every precaution 

Whether you sell vehicles or store them, your livelihood depends on maintaining their condition. 

WeatherSolve puts systems in place so you can sleep soundly at night, even when the forecast calls for torrential rain. 

Don’t settle for generic solutions, or worse yet, no solution at all! Get in touch with the pros who understand weather protection. WeatherSolve delivers a custom solution to keep you and your property safe.