Why Car Dealers Will Want a Hail Canopy Soon!

A storm is coming. How prepared will your dealership be?

When people think of destructive weather events, tornados are usually the first thing that comes to mind.

As it turns out, hailstorms are considered one of the costliest, devastating weather events there is. Each year hail causes billions of dollars in property damage.

This is bad news for dealerships where the inventory is constantly exposed to the elements.

Hailstorms are sudden, severe, and unpredictable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a powerful defence system in place.

WeatherSolve in Langley, BC, Canada, specializes in hail canopies that will protect your business from massive losses.

Do I Really Need to Worry About Hail?

If you reside in an area that has ever had large hail before, then yes, it should be a concern.  

Although hailstorms are short in duration, they are responsible for dents, cracked glass, broken headlights, and damaged sensors. Those scratches and dents aren’t just ugly; they can compromise the vehicle’s structural integrity.   

According to an article in The Denver Post, the hailstorm that occurred on May 8, 2017, resulted in half of all claimed vehicles being written off as undrivable.  https://www.denverpost.com/2017/05/23/hailstorm-costliest-ever-metro-denver/

When it comes to hail, it’s a risky proposition thinking you’ll always have time to prepare for the next storm.

Insurance Doesn’t Prevent Damage

Insurance is important to have, but it’s not a preventative solution.

The looming hail threat is so severe that it caused at least one major automotive insurance provider (Zurich North America) to revoke its hail coverage within the riskiest U.S. states back in 2018. https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2021/02/hail-its-americas-most-underrated-climate-risk/617979/

If you’re a car dealer, all it takes is one hailstorm to wipe out an entire lot of inventory! Even with adequate insurance, chances are you’ll be waiting months to be compensated for all the damage.

And who knows whether that policy is going to cover all your expenses. The one thing you can count on is your insurance premium skyrocketing the following year.

In Canada, dealerships with a physical hail protection system in place will qualify for a discount on their insurance premiums (through LL Renaissance Insurance Brokerage Canada Limited). https://www.llrenaissance.com/ 

A protective Hail Canopy from WeatherSolve cuts down on the risks posed by mother nature. With a properly installed canopy system in place, you’ll have added peace of mind the next time the forecast calls for heavy rain. 

Global Climate Conditions Are Making Things Worse

Snowstorms in Texas? Tornados in New Jersey? If you watch the news, you’ve probably noticed a lot of strange things going on with the weather.

Abnormal weather patterns and larger hail aren’t just problems in North America. There is growing concern within the scientific community about the frequency and intensity of hailstorms all around the world.

India, Bangladesh, Argentina, Libya, Romania, Germany, Slovenia, Australia, and areas of central Africa have all reported destructive hail activity throughout the years.  

As global temperatures continue to rise, these types of extreme weather events may become more common.  

As reported in 2021, a study from the University of New South Wales in Australia concluded:

On average, hailstorms will become more severe due to expected increases in atmospheric instability in the warming world, which can lead to the formation of larger hailstones. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-blogs/climatechange/climate-change-impacts-on-hailstorms/923899

And that’s bad news for motorists and car dealerships alike.

Whether you live within the “Hail Alley” in the U.S. (covering Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas) or Alberta or Saskatchewan in Western Canada, hailstorms remain a potentially devastating yet completely unpredictable threat.

Hail Repairs Aren’t Cheap!

The CCC (Certified Collateral Corporation) reports that repairs for hail losses range from 33% to over 100% more expensive than other vehicle repairs. https://www.fenderbender.com/articles/13777-insurance-losses-from-hail-damage-on-the-rise

If only there were a giant shield you could bring out during storm season. Thanks to WeatherSolve, there is.

WeatherSolve in Langley, BC, sells sturdy hail canopies designed specifically for the needs of vehicle dealerships.  

A fabric shield of retractable netting will defend your inventory against hailstones up to 4” in diameter in the strongest winds. WeatherSolve products have survived hurricanes, cyclones, and some of the most frigid temperatures on all seven continents.

That’s right. WeatherSolve products are rugged enough to withstand the conditions of Antarctica.


If you’re concerned about weather damage this upcoming season, a consultation with WeatherSolve provides an effective solution. It’s important to make sure your dealership is properly covered against the looming threat of hail.

Because when it comes to the weather, the only predictable thing about it is that you just never know.