wind dust solution

A Coal Conundrum

A coal port had a city grow around it and the lack of dust control measures meant coastal winds directed plumes of dust towards high-density urban areas creating the coal dust issue. Click through to hear the solution.

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dust control options large area

Dust Solution Plywood Producer

A plywood producer with a large street-side chip pile wanted to stop the dusty chips blowing onto and into their neighbours dust-sensitive buildings. The piles are fed by blower stackers which can be directed according to which pile is being filled.

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Dust wind solution for truck dump

Wind Protection for Truck Dump

When a truck with the bed raised blew over sideways in a sudden gust of wind in mid-western USA, safety was the primary concern. Truck dumps tend to be elevated to give room for the dumped material to be processed so the wind speeds are higher as are the risks.

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Dust control option

Wind Fence for Dust Challenge

A Middle East steel pelletizing plant built on reclaimed coastal land next to an environmentally attractive harbour wanted a durable all-weather way to protect the neighbouring area.

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dust control solar field

Wind Protection for Solar Field

A solar field supplier wished to refine their design to cut the cost of the mirror supports in a windy location. A related side benefit was that they could have the parabolic mirrors orientated to continue to generate electricity in wind storms that would otherwise require the mirrors to be rotated to the “stow” position facing into the ground.

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Dust solution bag house

Wind Protection

The operators at an energy generation facility with air-coolers were frustrated. Every time the wind blew, their generation efficiency dropped.

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