Dust can cause problems. In fact, dust can cause big problems and it doesn’t matter if you’re storing materials like wood chips or sulfur, mining, running ports, working in solar fields, stockpiles, or cooling towers, dust in your work area impacts working conditions like visibility, how machinery operates, the health and safety of employees, neighbouring homes and businesses, and the surrounding environment. Utilizing a dust fence is a simple and highly effective way to protect everyone and everything required for your business to continue operating optimally, without impediments.

Wind fences work two ways.  Firstly, they work by slowing down the wind and creating a “sheltered zone” behind the fence.  This “sheltered zone” is created by letting a little wind through the fence but keeping the majority out.  You have to let a little bit through so that you do not create a vortex situation.  This is the “upwind” position of the fence.  Secondly, they work as a filter to block any stubborn or localized dust from migrating away from your sheltered area.  As the wind in most places blows from many directions, the same fence sometimes works in upwind mode, and sometimes in downwind mode.

Dust control

Dust can be the result of human activity or weather-related movement which can blow particles several miles across the landscape. This can not only cause potential damage but can increase time and money spent maintaining valuable tools and equipment, too.

Our WeatherSolve dust screens fit your space, your needs, and your budget and we’re proud to offer the most customizable solutions on the market. We’ll work with you to design screens specifically for your site and conditions to ensure no matter what size space and level of activity occurs, you can continue to operate normally. We’re able to work around machinery, conveyors, gates, doorways, and even extensive heights or widths. meaning there’s no restrictions that may limit workers and the installation process can be done efficiently with minimal disruption.

Dust fencing work around machinery

Our screens don’t require electricity, water, gas, or other hookups. Once installed, the maintenance is minimal, and the benefits are huge. WeatherSolve dust screens also feature a breakaway release system, designed for reliability in extreme situations, like hurricanes, where structural damage may occur. Not to mention, dust screens also add a layer of privacy and security to your area at the same time.

We use a variety of fabrics that are tested, effective, highly durable, and tailored to the needs of the environment you’ll be working in. The investment in the screen can also reduce potential future costs associated with dust and weather-related damages and reduce the amount of time and money spent on maintenance.

Our WeatherSolve team is dedicated to working with you to proactively design, create, and install screens, improving worker health and safety and protecting valuable equipment and space in your work site. Our systems have been used worldwide under countless conditions and our four decades of experience means we can offer insight and expertise to bring you simple, effective solutions, and permanent peace of mind.