It is amazing the number of different options that have been created to try to alleviate the problems associated with massive chunks of ice falling out of the sky.  Hail can cause a lot of damage and super expensive damage at that.  We recognized this at WeatherSolve a number of years ago and started to work on developing a system to fix this issue.  WeatherSolve already had a whole lot of experience creating hail protection for large areas from the agricultural standpoint, and we love to create structures that stand up to the onslaught that mother nature can send our way.  After a lot of testing, some trials dropping 9000 golf balls from a helicopter and some design tweaks, we have developed a series of systems that not only offer hail protection and shelter from the ice bombs that they consist of but also the cover your entire lot.  After all, why just cover the stalls when you can cover everything, this allows the opportunity to drive any cars that are not usually parked under hail protection, into a protected place when the hail storm warnings come.  This creates very happy employees and customers to be at your location when the hail storm arrived, no more racing to underground parking lots to avoid the wrath of the hail storm.

Working Around Obstacles

The other thing we have a whole lot of experience with is creating structures that work around all the obstacles already built on sites.  We work around light poles, buildings, rights-of-way, current parking spaces, you name it we can find a way around it.  Our hail canopies are for the most part completely customizable and designed to leave the least impact on your dealership, parking lot, storage lot, or even your field.  There is nothing worse than having to pay for a structure to protect you from one form of damage just to replace it with new damages from running into one of the multitudes of poles that some of the other structures employ.  Or perhaps even worse still paying for a structure that takes up 20% or more of your lot with poles and foundations instead of leaving that space for the cars or trucks you are paying to protect.   The main thing that allows us this flexibility is how our hail canopies are constructed.  At WeatherSolve we have over 35 years in experience building suspended fabric structures.  This experience allows us the capability to design hail canopies with minimal poles (usually optimized for reduced foundation and steel costs). If you need a massive area with no poles, we can do this.

Solutions for All Types of Weather

Our hail canopies are also built with not only hail coverage, but the rest of your weather in mind.  Constantly sunny and hot, you might want more of a shade and hail protection system that still lets through enough light to show off your cars but will stop hail as well.  Regularly get a whole lot of snow? you will most likely want a fully retractable hail canopy this allows you as much light as possible when it’s gloomy in the winter but full hail protection when needed in the summer. Get a lot of rain as well? You can still show off your vehicles in the natural light but we will design in some permanent coverage as well so you can keep your customers dry.

Hail canopy retracted

Retracted hail canopy system for large mid-winter snow storms

Hail Protection? We have you covered for all types of vehicles

On top of all this WeatherSolve’s hail canopies aren’t just for covering parking lots for cars and trucks.  Our hail protection systems can shelter your semi-trucks, recreational vehicles, trailers, toy haulers, construction equipment, excavators.  WeatherSolve’s hail canopy design style and experience let us custom create hail canopies that will comfortably fit your vehicles no matter how big they are, and because our parking lot hail protection designs have very few poles and foundations you can still turn your RV or motor home around without running into anything.  You name it, big or small our hail protection covers it all.

So yes, there is a whole lot of options out there for hail protection, but if you want something that will let you sleep at night knowing that your business is protected from hail WeatherSolve hail protection systems won’t leave any dents.

dealership hail protection

Are you ready?

Written by Lucas Robinson