Protection, peace of mind, and a proactive solution to life’s unpredictable weather

Hail canopy benefits—what are they? Why does it matter? With Mother Nature being unpredictable on a good day, bringing beautiful sunshine one minute, and bombarding us with rain, or even worse, hail, the next, eliminating potential damage from unpredictable weather is key for businesses like yours. Hailstorms can cause extensive destruction and bring with them astronomical repair costs. Unless you have a hail canopy. But what is a hail canopy? Why do you need one? And most importantly, how can a hail canopy benefit you and your organization?

What is a hail canopy?

Hail, in essence, is falling pellets of frozen rain. During inclement weather and storms, hail can quite literally grow to the size of golf balls or larger, but a pellet of hail only needs to be an inch in diameter (approximately the size of a quarter) to be considered severe and even smaller than that to be harmful and damaging. That’s where hail canopies come in. Hail canopies are a form of rigorously tested protection structures that are designed to protect what’s underneath the canopy, like vehicles, from damage that can be caused by hail and severe weather systems. 

At WeatherSolve, we bring decades of experience in the hail protection business. We’ve perfected the fabric we use in our hail canopies and even brought it up to meet and exceed fire code regulations, to ensure your property and merchandise remain safe. Our canopies are durable and tested with the equivalent of four-inch hailstones yet are airy enough to let natural light pass through effortlessly and avoid interfering with the look of your space. You’ll have confidence in your canopy’s effectiveness, your vehicles will look their best, and your customers will still able to shop in the sunshine.

Why do I need one?

Damage doesn’t have to be big, or severe, to be expensive and time-consuming to repair and repeat claims can impact your insurance rates. Eliminate the worry with a pre-emptive and proactive multipurpose solution. In addition to obvious hail protection, our hail canopies offer additional weather and wind protection, up to 120km/hr, too. The extensive coverage the canopies create better protects vehicles, and, can even create a more regulated temperature below the covering making it more enjoyable outside for your customers, clients, and staff. 

How would a hail canopy benefit me and my organization?

Stop panicking over the weather and endlessly checking the forecast. WeatherSolve hail canopies are designed to fit your space, your needs, and your environment. Our canopies can be extended and retracted easily, as necessary, and work with your existing layout, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice space or reconfigure your current set up. Hail canopies can be adjusted to match your needs and cover larger vehicles like trucks and trailers with ease, too.

WeatherSolve is committed to creating and delivering innovative and effective products, supported by science and backed by rigorous testing to achieve perfection. Our team is here to work with you to find the right solution for your business and budget while maximizing your protection and peace of mind.

WeatherSolve has the technology and the resources to give you peace of mind.  Drop us an email at [email protected] for any hail-related inquiries, or head over to our website if you want to learn more about our proprietary hail canopy system designed specifically for car dealerships and large vehicle storage lots.